The new XIP system from BPT uses an ethernet distribution network as the main vehicle for communications between all the gateways. This means that the system can be expanded almost infinitely, while at the same time maintaining the traditional system of connection between the entry panels and the receivers. This structure makes installation of the system components rapid and simple. In addition, a wider range of models can be selected for installation at the various points in the system.

By utilising traditional cables to wire up the entry panels, it is possible to install long-distance connections as well as to connect points that the existing data networks cannot reach. The system also features the access control function, which supervises and controls all access points in the complex, as well as a range of porter services, which complete the functions provided by XIP.

Style and flexibility

Using a standard CAT5 network, each block is able to accommodate hundreds of monitors and multiple entry panels. Video and audio handsets can be mixed throughout, with integral intercom functions and a host of additional features, XiP is designed to make an impression. Each handset or monitor is connected using a single pair of non-polarised wires, this means no need for time consuming installation of sockets or custom connection leads. Using the latest technical innovations in collaboration with some of the greatest Italian design houses, the range of monitors and entry panels continue the BPT tradition of market leading product design.

Seamless expansion

With the flexibility to link individual blocks over Fibre Optic, radio, LAN or dedicated CAT5 network, XiP provides an elegant and cost effective solution to any requirement. Traditional or IP CCTV cameras can be connected to the system (via selectors) to gateways or power supply modules. CCTV and entry panel images can then be displayed on any receiver or porter station. With the use of an open IP protocol, the possibilities are endless for system expansion, with no distance restriction between blocks and an infinite number of simultaneous calls, any site can now take advantage of BPT’s technical excellence.

Integration for multiple sites

Separate sites can now be linked over unlimited distances providing a greater level of integrated security over even bigger areas. The modular structure and simplicity of XiP programming make it possible to create scalable systems. Sites can be expanded in stages across a development, so that full operation is guaranteed to already commissioned buildings whilst work continues without costly and inconvenient delays. All this can be programmed and administrated from a single central point, via internet or multiple PC’s depending on the requirement. The only limit is the imagination.

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