2 non-polarised wires: unbeatable performance, long distance coverage, reduced costs.
A single non-polarised two-wire cable can connect up to 100 receivers: rapid installation and low cost.

Self-learning function: fool proof and versatile.
The system is designed for simple, rapid programming without irritating DIP-switches or other configuration devices: no possibility of errors, no extra cost.

Intercom function: up to 10 monitors
One or more intercom receiver groups can be set up without modifying the riser.

Integration with CCTV
The video entry system can be transformed into an active home security system.

System Options

  • Audio/Video conversation confidentiality
  • Self-connection/scanning of entry panels and video cameras
  • Door lock release with variable activation time
  • Doorbell on landing
  • Incoming call notification
  • Auxiliary functions
  • System busy signal

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