The GSM system is designed to be used on systems where it is not possible to install a traditional entry system. It works over the mobile telephone network and is especially suited when the distance between entrance and building is significant or when the entry panel must be connected to a land line or a mobile line.


Choosing MTM means choosing a product made specifically for you and your needs. We’ve worked hard to make it simple, yet versatile and suitable for all, from small residential systems to large urban compounds.

To achieve these results we started with four key elements that have remained with us for the entire project.

  • Sleek: Essential and functional. The satin-aluminum finish makes this entry panel ideal for installing on any surface. The attention to details such as sound diffusion via camera lens speakers, two-color backlighting and much more makes MTM unique.
  • Versatility: You are requested to install systems everyday. Some may be simple while others can be complex. We want to simplify complexity. That’s why we’ve blended all of our systems into this range. Two wires, multi-wired orIP, from any system youneed, we have the solution for you.
  • Modular: Easy to install, custom solutions and endless combinations. That’s what MTM is about. Set up your very own entry panel, change it at will, add newfunctions and open the doors to communication.
  • High-tech: A blending of the best technology and extensive experience really stands out in each module of the range. Each functions is designed inextreme details to fully meed your needs.

With these elements combined together, we have created a new cutting-edge door entry panel. A solution designed to enhance your business, which provides countless functions for you and your customers.


Anodized and satin-finished aluminum profile and frontpieces make it uniquely sturdy and sleek, with a choice of blue or white button illumination. Protection ratings IP54 and IK07 make it shock and water resistant. Available with a handy rain hood, for both the recess-mounting and wall-mounting boxes.


All of the functions of the standard version but with a vandal resistant skin. The profile and front facias are made entirely of Zamak composite and include crush proof buttons and custom screws.
We are offering you the best in durability while keeping all of the benefits provided in our standard version. The MTM VR can resist up to IK09 level shocks and has a IP54 protection rating.


The GSM entry panel is the ideal solution when wiring or distance is an issue, or when you cannot connect up to a receiver. Entry panels are installed in “stand-alone” mode, that is, by connecting them to a power-supply unit and to the antenna for receiving the GSM signal. The plaque is entirely programmed via SMS text messages. Once you have fitted the SIM card, the system is fully
operational and the whole entry system is managed over the smartphone via SMSs and calls. By pressing the call button, the plaque triggers a call to either mobiles or land lines from which users reply and by using key-combinations can open the front door or gate or barrier.