FAST 70 Gate leaves of up to 2,3 m

Ideal for residential or condominium applications, on medium and large pillars

• Quick and easy installation.

• User-friendly release lever for manually opening the gate.

• Electronic board integrated in the FA70230CB version and in the 801MB-0090 version.


• Can operate in emergency mode during power outages.

• Simplified connection with a single 3-wire cable for motor and encoder management.

• Electronic board, with separate terminal blocks and display, to facilitate start-up and diagnosis phases. Storing for up to 250 different users.

• Self-diagnosing safety devices – whether wireless or not.

• Radio programming Rolling code and integrated Key Code (Twin).

• Devices developed for connection to the cloud, via CAME Connect.

• Management of wireless security accessories for the RIO System 2.0 series

• Used to directly manage CAME key pads using the R800 board or connect CAME transponder selectors using the R700 accessory