AXI Gate leaves of up to 2.5

Ideal solution for connected singlehome and apartment-block gates

• Release lever system protected by a trilobe key; can be remote activated via steel cable.

• On-board mechanical stops, for controlling gate travel.

• Simplified connections and one, three-conductor cable. • Silent and linear movement thanks to the conical torque reducer.

• Fully covered and protected endless screw.

• Hard-wired and wireless self-diagnosing safety devices and compliance with current regulatory standards on impact forces.

• Can operate in emergency mode during power outages.

• Electronic board, with separate terminal blocks and display, to facilitate start-up and diagnosis phases. Storing for up to 250 different users.

• Radio programming Rolling code and integrated Key Code (Twin).

• Devices developed for connection to the cloud, via CAME Connect.

• Management of the Rio series wireless security accessories using the dedicated plug-in accessory.

• Used to directly manage CAME key pads using the R800 accessory or connect CAME transponder selectors using the R700 accessory.

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