New Came Top Remotes

CAME KRX Led Flashing light


  • Sleek design and high-quality materials for a flashing light that offers much more than simple light alerts.

  • Unique model with universal power supply from 24 V AC – DC to 230 V AC.

  • Available in White, Yellow and Orange.

  • Integrated double antenna (433.92 MHz and 868.35 MHz).

  • Wall-mounted bracket that solves every installation.


CAME launches the new GARD GT4 and GT8 barriers designed to offer high performance in terms of durability and reliability

allways Connected

We’re giving you everything you need…

Connectivity module, activated SIM, easy to use app… ALL FREE!

For the first time ever, it is now FREE to take advantage of cloud connectivity via CAME Connect.

Just take 2 minutes to wire the module to the control board, add your system via the app and you’re away!

It’s so simple to do and the benefits to you and your business are huge…

Now released the new CAME ZLX24, the universal control board for all 24V swing gate motors


ZLX24 can be configured using a standard manual procedure, or using a smartphone thanks to CONNECT technology.

The direct plug can be used for connecting the CAME KEY or CAME Gateways, enabling a complete range of additional functions for the local or remote management of the automation.


Tilting and removable board
for wiring in comfortable position.
All the space under the board is available
for storing accessories and cables.


Equipped with a DIN bar hanger system.
It also matches the existing fixing holes
of other CAME panels, in case of replacement.

Please note our stock Levels are not in real time and due to covd19 some items are on back order. This means some items are out of stock awaiting stock delivery from Italy, we will update our wbsite daily. if the items you require is urgent please email us and we will check levels at our suppliers,

 we are expecting disruptions to our international services. All European exports and imports will be impacted, It is unclear how long these disruptions will remain,

CAME XTS 7" Touch Screen Intercom

CAME, the first to give free connectivity


“…for more than 5 years now, CAME have continued to invest in our Cloud Connectivity eco-system, providing our customers all across the world a completely unrivalled suite of connectivity solutions that connect both the Installer and the Final User to their automation system at all times giving ultimate control.

2021 is the right time for CAME to pass to the second phase of our connectivity strategy where we are very excited to be able to offer customers in the UK & Ireland free connectivity with ALL our connectable range of automation kits! A monumental offer that will continue at least until the end of 2022.

Early adopters of our connectivity have already confirmed beyond any doubt the extra value that it gives to both the installer and the final user of our systems. Extra value that for the foreseeable future will be FREE to our valued customer base.

Once again CAME are leading the way and keeping you ALWAYS CONNECTED to your customers.”

Andrea Menuzzo
President, CAME S.p.A.


Swing & Sliding Gate Equipment. Huge Range in Stock.
For Next Working Day Delivery

Free delivey on all orders over £200

 Excluding N.I and highlands

Free Technical Helpline Call: 01332 498960

AXI 24v Gear Motors

Ideal solution for connected single-home and apartment-block gates

Gate leaves of up to 2.5 m



Complete kit for a pair of swing gates weighing up to 300 kg per leaf / max width 2.5 m

AXI25DGS – Irreversible geared motor with encoder for swing gates with up to 2.5 m leaves. RAL7024-gray color.
Control panel for one or two leaf swing gates with programming display, built-in radio remote programming and self-diagnosis of the safety devices
Plug-in radio-frequency control card
TOPD4RKS – Double frequency 4-button rolling code transmitter, black colour.
Tuned Antenna.
Pair of 12 – 24 V AC – DC outdoor photocells – range 10 m.

The New CAME XVP Video Entry Panels

Call us to for your free Quoation: 01332 498960

FROG Below-ground solution suitable for fitting to gates in single homes and apartment buildings. Gate leaves up to 3.5 m
AXO Solution for applying in private homes and apartment buildings Gate leaves up to 7 MAX m
NEW CAME GATEWAY Want smarter control of your automated devices? Add one of our gateways. Download the automation app and fully exploit the internet's potential.

AXO collection

Solution for applying in private homes and apartment buildings

Gate leaves up to 7 MAX m


This is the new range of video entry panel systems, available with 7 and 5-inch monitors – fully touch screen


Concealed solution for applying in private homes or apartment buildings

Gate leaves up to 3,5 m

CAME Connect Gateway

Want smarter control of your automated devices?
Add one of our gateways. Download the automation app and fully exploit the potential.

Daitem Wireless Intercoms

Home or office entry control made easier with the Daitem digital wireless door entry system

The Daitem wireless intercom allows you to welcome, filter and control visitors to the home or office with the voice/audio. Use your Daitem wireless door and gate entry system to remotely open or close entrances (pedestrian, driveway gates, garage doors, etc).
You can activate external lighting to make access safer at night. Switch on heating, air conditioning systems, pool or fountain pumps that can all be controlled from your handset.
The wireless handset allows you to move freely around your home or office making life easier, comfortable and more secure using multi-frequency (OPTWIN) radio technology, that has a free field range of up to 400 metres.
This may also be known as Daitum, Daytum, Daytem, Diatem, Daiteme, Daiem, Diotem or Daetim according to misspelt links to our website.


Main features

One handset or wireless receiver can be used to operate up to 4 Daitem Controllers (2 outputs per controller) and 8 Switching Receivers.
4 electrical latches or locks (pedestrian gate access).
4 automated gates (car access).
4 automated garage doors.
4 lighting receivers.
These are just some examples of what the Daitem handset can control.
Your intercom can be used to check the entrance status (if open or closed) and lighting status (if on or off) via the handset display screen and can also communicate directly with other handsets.
Up to 4 handsets per caller button with 9 programmable ring tones and 4 sound settings.


Easy Access Control

From outside

There are 6 caller units to choose from, with or without keypad. All are IP54 rated and have a built in proximity badge reader making automation easy.
16 Proximity badges and 16 numeric codes per call station.

From inside

There are 2 handsets to choose from, we have mains charged and battery charged options available.
Carry the handset or keep it on you at all times by using the belt clip provided.
Full duplex digital voice communication.
Use the handset either handheld – or in hands-free mode. 

For more information click the links below:

Daitem Handsets

Daitem Controllers

Daitem Call Points

Daitem Anti-Vandal Covers


Easy to install – Easy to operate – No major work required

No need to dig trenches outside to run cables inside

No wires need to be installed between the indoor handset unit and the driveway/pedestrian gates, garage door or lighting systems.

No trenches need to be dug or rebating work performed inside to install these intercom systems.

No potential for any damage to property either inside or outside your home or office and definitely no disruption for residents!

New ATS Telescopic Motor

New CAME ATS Telescopic Motor

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